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Smart decision-making based on Cisco Kinetic for Cities (CKC)

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Organizer Cisco
Results announcement deadline 09 August 2019
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Event date 09 August 2019


The city is a complex organism that forms many diverse systems. And the city's harmony is achieved only when all these systems work together and synchronously, and solutions can be made on the basis of information provided by them, which significantly reduces costs and response times for emergencies. Data and correlations between various data sets allow you to make the necessary conclusions and make effective decisions.

Cisco has developed a genuine "scoreboard" - the Kinetic for Cities platform. It understands the data of various systems, units of measure and formats, brings them to a common pattern and displays in a single interface. The platform has an open API and provides almost inexhaustible opportunities for developers.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR a team to create products based on Kinetic for Cities. It can be any developments that will help the city make smart decisions. In this case, the teams must take into account two parameters: 1) convenience for the user; 2) profitability for Lviv.

Cisco Kinetic for Cities is available for developing applications

Developers have the opportunity to integrate and test their IoT applications and programs using open APIs

Possible directions for product development:

  • parking
  • lighting
  • municipal services
  • informational notifications
  • security and video surveillance
  • traffic and movement of the crowd
  • ecology
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09 August 2019