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Smart house: electricity supply

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A smart city should be comfortable for living. And this concerns not only urban infrastructure but also everyday life and everybody`s everyday domestic affairs. The "smart house" concept has long been embodied in life all over the world, and has recently been gaining momentum in Ukraine. Imagine that all communications in your house are united in a single system - lighting and heating, security, appliances, billing... And you can manage the house with one touch, even being ten of kilometers away from it.

Lviv houses will be gradually updated, one system after another. They will become more modern, comfortable and attractive to live in. And you can start that today. For example, from the electricity supply system.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR products and solutions aimed at improving customer comfort and quality of service delivery in the area of electricity supply. We want the customer to have an easy and convenient access to products, and if necessary customers could model products by themselves, based on individual conditions.

Possible directions in product development:

  • mobile technology 
  • integration with communications providers
  • bot consultants
  • billing systems
  • hardware solutions 
  • innovative calculation models 
  • configurators and custom Internet platforms for the sale of integrated products 
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09 August 2019