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Efficient electricity consumption

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Energy efficiency implies reasonable, expedient and smart energy consumption. Particularly, in electrical energy. Adhering to the principles of energy efficiency, among other things, the city may use less energy to maintain the same level of energy supply for buildings and enterprises. In addition, there are more and more successful inventions of power generators using alternative and renewable energy sources in the world. These inventions can be of great benefit to a smart city.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR innovative ideas and solutions that would result in efficient electricity consumption in Lviv. Progressive principles of energy distribution, along with smart use of alternative sources, will make Lviv a global trendsetter in energy efficiency. 

Possible directions in product development:

  • solutions on distributed generation
  • creation of virtual electric power stations for bringing together separate private power producers (prosumers)
  • software that allows to interact with prosumers to manage imbalances in power networks
  • users' access to innovative and energy-efficient products (solar panels, storage solutions, private electric power stations, budget solutions for smart house, etc.)
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09 August 2019