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Smart services and dispatching

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Each city has its primary tasks. Some solve the security problems, others improve the operation of municipal transport, others reduce the loss of energy in homes. None of these tasks will be effectively addressed until a basic infrastructure is emerged in the city.

Each of the Smart City solutions is aimed at one particular sphere of the city's life, but is closely interlinked with others. The synergy of these decisions forms a holistic approach to various areas of urban life - transport, health care, culture, education, etc. And the fact that such an approach can significantly improve the management of the city and make life more comfortable, both the inhabitants of cities and local authorities must understand this.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR the team that develops services in areas such as counteraction to corruption, communication between citizens and city administration, business protection and information, transport system control and reformation, energy saving, waste management, agriculture.

Important to us:

  • innovativeness
  • readiness to develop customized solutions for the needs of a specific city
  • understanding of technical devices and their tasks in the system
  • experience in the development of mobile applications
  • fast scalability of solutions

Possible directions for product development:

  • the only city platform that allows you to work on innovations and manage processes, collects all information together and makes it accessible in order to plan, design, build, manage and optimize the resources of the city and its processes
  •  dispatching of elevators
  • dispatching of traffic lights
  • dispatching of heating systems in social infrastructure houses
  • dispatching of street lighting control system
  • dispatching of parking places
  • public services
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