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New services based on Wi-Fi

Available till 09 August 2019 785 views
Organizer Cisco Ukraine
Results announcement deadline 09 August 2019
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Event date 09 August 2019


The Internet has long been something ordinary and necessary, like air. Modern youth spend more time on the Internet than in real life. So, it's obvious that this integral part of modern life can be a useful and profitable tool for a smart city. Let's imagine that in the tourist regions of Lviv there is city Wi-Fi with fast internet and the ability to locate (geo positioning).

WE ARE LOOKING FOR ideas and solutions that would effectively use the possibilities of the Wi-Fi to improve the infrastructure of Lviv, local business, residents and guests of the city. We look forward to decisions that take into account the economic component. Can the Internet be profitable for the city, even if it does not charge for use.

Possible directions for product development:

  • a virtual tour guide in the tourist areas
  • security solution
  • products based on AR/VR technology
  • urban infrastructure and IoT
  • payment solutions
  • platforms for business
  • products for the elderly people
13 March 2019 Today
09 August 2019  

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