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Cybersport and the city

Available till 09 August 2019 1267 views
Organizer Vodafone
Results announcement deadline 09 August 2019
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Event date 09 August 2019


CyberSport is now gaining momentum. After all, digital game is a noticeable and important part of life not only for the majority of young citizens, but also a significant part of adults.

Currently, the competition between the cities (yet unofficial) continues for the status of the cybersports capital of the region or even the world. Cybersport arenas are opening up, the level and frequency of cyber-sport events grows, and cybersport communities are developing, where various businesses that provide and serve the cybersport industry are immediately appear.

The cities that will win in this competition will have a significant advantage in development, because they will be the magnet for the youth and the centers of new digital entertainment.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR solutions that will attract and develop cybersport audiences.

Possible directions for product development:

  • creation and distribution of game content
  • optimization of gaming traffic through the mobile network
  • the ability to play any game from any device
  • selection of players and tournaments
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09 August 2019