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B2B services

Available till 21 February 2019 856 views
Organizer OKKO
Results announcement deadline 21 February 2019
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Event date 21 February 2019
Reference B2B services

OKKO has always worked a lot in the field of b2b. This is not the "front" part of the business, but systematic work, the volume of which is increasing every year. Today, approximately 30% of OKKO customers are businesses. First of all, it is agricultural enterprises that can count on getting everything they need for a successful season and help in marketing of their products. And also - corporate clients for foodtech-services.

“We saw stable growth in agricultural sector and started working with farmers - selling goods by installments, crediting them.” 

Vasyl Danilyak, First Vice President of OKKO Filling Station Network

We are looking for ideas on how to make cooperation with businesses more transparent and technological. This is a very specific industry, but it also requires interesting solutions and innovative approaches. What to offer to the “title” Ukrainian business - the agrarian one - to achieve the win-win model?

Possible product development directions:

  • fintech and b2b banking products
  • marketplaces and p2p-services for business customers
  • billing systems for b2b clients
  • EDI-based services for b2b clients
  • foodtech - customer service in offices
27 September 2018 Today
21 February 2019  

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