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Organizer OKKO
Results announcement deadline 10 December 2018
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Event date 30 November 2018
Reference Foodtech

“Khlibprom” today is one of the largest producers of bread on the Ukrainian market, producing up to 200 tons of products daily. The company is also famous for complex solutions for the preparation of coffee drinks: roasting and sale of coffee beans, equipment supply.

Foodtech is just beginning to develop in Ukraine and is mainly focused on personal service: an online restaurant and bot-waiter, a mobile kitchen, a supermarket on the phone … But client foodtech services are not limited to this. The technologization of the product market can be much wider and more diverse.

"We are looking for innovative solutions that would allow us to expand the range of services, control their quality and receive feedback."

Vladyslav Averchenko, General Director of Khlibprom Concern

We need services that would allow us to simplify production collaboration, as well as automate workflows.

 Possible product development directions:

  • monitoring of stock
  •  services based on telemetry of coffee machines (remote maintenance, risk management)
  •  industry 4.0 technologies for production automation and resource optimization
  •  food delivery (models and platforms for ordering products)
  •  new storage technologies, packaging, production
  •  blockchain for transparent customer interaction
27 September 2018 Today
30 November 2018  

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