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Infrastructure projects

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Refueling services can be useful and convenient for everyone. Post box, banking and consulting services, a cafe and a market, a pharmacy, a hairdressing salon, an entertainment center and many other services at the gas station are available for drivers and for pedestrians. But how to break the stereotype that refueling complexes are only for drivers? How to identify and attract our client?

Vasyl Dmytriv, Director of the Marketing Department of OKKO Filling Stations Network: “Time today is a currency. We must give the client an opportunity to use his time properly, give him everything he needs at any point and make it on time.”

We are looking for ideas on how to use space of filling stations to turn gas stations into centers of social life. Services, even the most unexpected, the interpenetration of industries, the adaptation of the best world experience - all this can be implemented at OKKO.

Possible product development directions:

  • smart city technologies to make filling stations more convenient for people
  •  “smart” space that helps the guest to interact with the filling station
  •  use data science and big data to personalize the service at the filling station
  •  effective saturation of the space with alternative services for guests of filling stations (from pharmacies to banking facilities)
  •  p2p-services, organizing clients by interest groups (from security to creating new products for OKKO)
  •  entertaining game models based on VR and AR and other technologies
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30 September 2019