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Available till 30 June 2019 2823 views
Organizer OKKO
Results announcement deadline 30 June 2019
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Event date 30 June 2019
Reference Products and Services

Today, it is difficult to say about the OKKO filling station network that it is “just a gas station”. The complexes become service and cultural centers where you can have dinner with the whole family, arrange a business meeting, receive a parcel, and leave the suit to dry cleaning.

Dmytro Rasskazov, Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing of OKKO Filling Stations Network:

"We have refused the concept of" just a gas station” a long time ago. At our filling stations we offer a range of services for customers. And our task is to get to know a client earlier, to foresee his needs.”

We are looking for ideas on how to expand the client base: to attract people without a car to use the services, to make services attractive for people living online, to arrange centers for people interaction at the filling stations. What services the client might need on the road, and how to satisfy them. How to combine as many services as possible at one place. How to make the client's stay in the complex more comfortable.

Possible product development directions:

  • loyalty programs with fintech elements
  • synchronization of social profile and loyalty programs
  • digital services and customer services
  • mobile self-service
  • “smart vision” for the development of quality service
  •  predictive analytics
  • client early detection system
27 September 2018 Today
30 June 2019  

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