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Automation and robotization of business processes

Available till 30 June 2019 1688 views
Organizer OKKO
Results announcement deadline 30 June 2019
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Event date 30 June 2019
Reference Automation and robotization of business processes

Saved hryvnia - earned hryvnia. They do not save on clients, which means that there remains an optimization of internal resources. And often a well-organized and streamlined process can not only save money, but also bring profit.

“For us there can definitely be interesting ideas that will allow us to reduce costs and at the same time become more efficient”

Yuriy Kuchabsky, Vice President for Procurement, Wholesale Sales and New Types of Business

We are looking for ideas on how to optimize the work of filling stations, on the one hand, to automate and make routine processes more productive, and on the other - to preserve the human factor, personal contact, which is important for the client.

Possible product development directions:

  • robotization of business processes
  • bots: lawyer, accountant, contact center operator
  • automation of standard processes at customer service points

WE ARE INTERESTED in robotic services that would interact with the client and satisfy his requests. Possible directions:

  • self-service boxes with touchscreen
  • information and trading boxes with voice menu
  • hardware solutions with  movement functions, interaction with the client, payment option and others
27 September 2018 Today
30 June 2019  

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