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Solutions for managing a company's human capital

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Organizer OKKO
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Reference Solutions for managing a company's human capital

People love to communicate with people. No matter how the business owners seek to optimize, automate, cultivate a culture of self-service, customers mostly prefer human contact.

 “People need emotions, smiles. Therefore, the selection of qualified, responsive staff is important for us. ”

Tatyana Kulik, Director of Human Resources Management Department of OKKO Filling Stations Network

How to quickly and effectively train a new employee, give him a basic knowledge of the company, explain the features of his work?

OKKO has a corporate university for line staff. Today, he is in dire need of digitalization so that new employees can join the team as quickly and efficiently as possible.

 Possible product development directions:

  • search and attraction of candidates on the basis of data science
  • AI-based interview technology
  • bot-program for interviewing
  • employee data collection based on big data
  • predictive analytics to prevent employee resignation
  • interactive learning applications and bots
  •  e-learning and gamification of training company employees
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