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Collective Purchasing

Available till 01 July 2019 1477 views
Results announcement deadline 01 July 2019
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Event date 01 July 2019

Striving to expand the range of services, banks today master the relating, and sometimes contrary to the core activities of the industry. Some launch online stores, others - legal advice, third - travel agencies.

TASKOMBANK wants to offer its business clients a new service beyond the scope of banking - collective purchasing services. In case of collective purchases, several unrelated companies jointly conduct a tender or join a procurement consortium (pool), combining volumes of procured goods and services. In this way they receive more favorable commercial and service terms from suppliers.
As an organizer of collective purchasing, the bank offers its customers the ability to connect to different pools and receive the resources necessary for a successful business, saving time and money. In addition, the bank provides its customers with individual financing limits for purchasing.

We are looking for ideas on how to implement this service to be simple and convenient for customers.

Possible directions for product development:

- new purchasing models;
- purchases portfolio management;
- purchasing cooperatives;
- purchases as a service;
- supplier scoring;
- legally significant electronic document flow service;
- OTC sites;
- services based on forward contracts model;
- factoring models;
- bid management.

11 January 2019 Today
01 July 2019  

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