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Banking solutions for SME customers

Available till 30 August 2019 2977 views
Organizer Alfa-Bank
Results announcement deadline 30 August 2019
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Event date 30 August 2019
Reference Banking solutions for SME customers

Information about the Organizer

Alfa-Bank is one of the largest Ukrainian commercial banks with international capital. The bank was established in 1992. Since 2006 it is part of the private investment holding company ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) with its head office in Luxembourg. Today ABHH Group is consolidating assets in Ukraine, which will lead to the creation of Alfa-Bank's largest private bank in our country. Today the banks team has more than 10 thousand employees, serves 1.8 million individuals and 160 thousand enterprises. Over 400 branches of the group's banks operate throughout Ukraine.


Servicing small and medium businesses has a high priority for Alfa-Bank Ukraine. Launched in 2018, the service “OK, Alfa!” (By the way, the basic solution for it was found with the help of RE:ACTOR platform) is today considered one of the most convenient and popular among SME customers.

The bank intends to go even further. It wants to concentrate the maximum number of services for SMEs and FOP-individuals on this platform - from launching a business to automatic sending of documents to the tax department, cluster servicing of client groups to convenient pocket CRM. And, of course, nice bonuses that relate not only to work but also to customer leisure.

Oksana Leonova, Vice President, Head of digital SME: "We want to create an ecosystem that would offer not only banking or near-bank services, but something more for the client. It could be a general idea from another sphere, but it "hooks" and works. We are ready to consider any solutions and services for SMEs."

WE ARE LOOKING FOR products and services that could be part of a complex of services for small and medium businesses, Private entrepreneurs. It can be any development, including non-bank ones, the only condition is the benefit for entrepreneurs.

Possible directions for product development:

  • simple and convenient services for small businesses and Private entrepreneurs, including IT companies and startups
  • basic products and services for start-up entrepreneurs
  • big data as a tool for a more accurate understanding of customer needs, building algorithms that solve targeting problems, funnel management. The readiness of big data and data science teams to collaborate on an ongoing basis will be an advantage
  • automatic product offer and discount programs based on a comprehensive analysis of customer activity
  • educational programs (online, offline) for start-up entrepreneurs
  • non-banking services (including individual), integrated into the personal account of the client
  • services for customer groups with common interests and requests
  • simple and convenient mobile CRM systems for small businesses

Any proposals for innovative services for SMEs are welcomed.

With the questions, please contact Tatiana Sushko

04 July 2018 Today
30 August 2019