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Data science and big data

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Organizer alfa-bank
Results announcement deadline 11 February 2019
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Event date 04 February 2019

Take a look at the world where we live in. The bot has settled on your phone, the computer has become an analytical system that knows everything about your tastes and preferences; sometimes it seems that your car has the mind. By and large, this is not so bad. Algorithmization and automation of established processes frees up a lot of time and greatly simplifies life. And when customers constantly leave information in the most unexpected places; and if you need to respond promptly and find the optimal solution to the situation - without digital processes can not do.

"In social networks you can see what the client is interested in, and any simple loan can be represented as an opportunity to go on vacation with your family, buy a bike or run a marathon in Tokyo."

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Oleksiy Karchazhkin

WE ARE LOOKING FOR algorithms and products based on big data, using artificial intelligence and data science, machine learning, which could be used in the work of the bank.


  1. Products designed for continuous self-improvement through the accumulation of algorithms for exit from normal and emergency situations.
  2. Aesthetics and unobtrusive, non-toxicity when interacting with clients in a state of affection.
  3. Providing the products of the basic principles of stress resistance and sense of humor is welcomed.


Possible areas of product development:

  • Interaction with the client on the basis of AI
  • knowledge of the client
  • search for "lost" clients
  • search for potential customers based on their social profile
  • synchronization of social profile and loyalty programs
  • management of the bank archives
  • intelligent database management


07 May 2018 Today
04 February 2019  

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