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HR-tech in Banking

Available till 30 August 2019 1022 views
Organizer Alfa-Bank
Results announcement deadline 30 August 2019
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Event date 30 August 2019

Agility, flexibility, learning and the desire to learn, openness to everything new, innovative, proactive, desire to generate ideas and implement them. Here are the core competencies that ideal employees must have today.
“It should be drivers, enthusiastic, glowing-eyed enthusiasts who are ready to move the car forward. The ones who will come with a cool idea and the desire to implement it. And we should have the opportunity to let them do it, ”said Olena Myskova, Director of Personnel Management at Alfa-Bank Ukraine.
Finding effective employees and creating conditions for their comfortable work and self-realization are the main tasks of a modern HR department. And the future-oriented HR department understands that he will need to work with the millennials, with their particular way of life and value system.
We are looking for solutions that will create a modern, efficient personnel management service. Which will have at its disposal not only the most innovative solutions for the selection of employees, but also technological tools for internal work.
Possible product development directions:

  • innovative methods of recruitment and interviewing
  • a digital platform for recruitment and job management
  • tools for potential of employees assessment
  • unification and systematization of databases
  • automation of systematic processes and analytics
  • electronic document management
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30 August 2019