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Industrial automation in heavy industry and energetics

Available till 23 November 2018 1601 views
Organizer ID Fest
Results announcement deadline 04 December 2018
Event type Industrial Digitalization Fest
Event date 04 December 2018
Location DEPO Conference Hall (Str. Antonovich 52, Kiev)

About The Organizer

Industrial Digitalization Fest is a project for finding innovative solutions to the production problems of Ukrainian corporations. The project participants are the largest Ukrainian enterprises in the agricultural sector and heavy industry. The teams that offered the best ideas will be invited to participate in the ID Fest event for a personal presentation of their ideas before the top management of the enterprises. ID Fest will be held on the 4th December at the DEPO Conference Hall (Str. Antonovich 52, Kiev).

We invite technological teams that have projects in these areas and who want to participate in the transformation process of "dinosaurs".


The project participants are Metinvest, Azovstal, Donbassenergo, Stan-Komplekt and others.
Metallurgy, energetics and mechanical engineering are traditionally considered the most conservative industries. Many production processes in this areas for technology, innovation, convenience for users are approximately at the level of the Stone Age. Ukrainian enterprises urgently require the introduction of modern technologies in production. They assessed their needs for modernization and identified the most pressing problems.
We are looking for solutions to automate production processes that will simplify and speed them up, increase the level and quality of control, optimize the performance of tasks involving human beings and eliminate errors.
Product Development Directions:
1. Automation of the process of interaction between managers and production workers.

Problem: the lack of a common database of orders, where it would be clear what the manager is planning to receive the order (specification), what cost it predicts, what kind of equipment request will be sent to the designers and production workers.
2. Automation of pipe rupture control.

Problem: rupture sensors needed, which will detect damage to the heating surfaces.
3. Control of the vibration state of the damper mechanisms and the vibration state of the turbo feed pumps.

Problem: the staff does not have time to perform these functions, you need to remove the information and transfer it to the database or to the “cloud”.
4. Assessment of the state of contamination of cars without human intervention.

Problem: the cars come in uncleaned with garbage, grease and they must be cleaned before loading. It is necessary to determine the condition of the car from the inside to exclude the human factor (so that a person does not climb into the car).
5. Automation of connection of machines along the chain “designer-technologist-machine” with numerical program control.

Problem: the influence of the human factor throughout the chain.
6. Monitoring the status of pumps and pump parts (temperature, oil level, vibration and other parameters).

Problem: taking parameters without personnel participation, as the staff does not have time to make the necessary measurements. Information should be read from the sensors and transmitted to the “cloud”, or to the local database for further analysis and preventive diagnostics.
7. Automation of equipment and installation of controllers on it.

The problem is that on old machines there is no possibility of setting up and introducing certain parameters of equipment operation.

More information:

+38 098 203 57 77 (Maria)
+38 067 929 47 49 (Alina)

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23 November 2018  

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