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Organizer Alfa-Bank Ukarine
Results announcement deadline 16 July 2019
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Event date 09 July 2019

With no doubts, insurance will go online. Smart City technologies will be used to validate insurance cases, and the fitness bracelet data will be the basis for health insurance. The property can be insured for one day, and sharring will put new challenges before insurers. In general, insurance is an uncharted territory for the application of advanced technology, both in the classical direction and in insurtech.

"On the insurance market will survive those who begin to think about the issue of digitalization, while others fill in the papers."

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Irina Hevel

WE ARE LOOKING FOR solutions that will help go insurance services online. We are waiting for proposals that will simplify insurance mechanisms and make them flexible.

Possible areas of product development:

  • medtech
  • situational insurance (pay as you go)
  • sharing insurance
  • telematics
  • infrastructure
  • insurance based on big data
  • full stack insurers
  • internet of things
  • tools and software for sales
  • claims processing
07 May 2018 Today
09 July 2019  

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