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Team selection for participation in Hardware Bootcamp Kiev

Available till 06 June 2018 1517 views
Organizer Arkley
Results announcement deadline 27 August 2018
Event type Закрытый питчинг команд
Event date 27 August 2018
Location Creative Quarter (Киев, Ярославская, 58)
Reference Team selection for participation in Hardware Bootcamp Kiev

About company

Arkley is Polish Accelerator VC that focuses on early-stage hardware startups helping them grow from prototype to IPO. The main goal of the Accelerator is to search for breakthrough ideas from around the world and to invest in their development. Only in 2017, all Arkley portfolio start-ups grew by a total of 4 million euros. Accelerator supported such start-ups as ZMorph, BIVROST, Tespack, Robo Wunderkind, , Lovely, and also Ukrainian Delfast and Senstone. Read more about the projects of Arkley VC in the interview of its founder and CEO Piotr Wąsowski .


Arkley VC systematic looks for for teams who develop hardware solutions.


Projects have to be on stage of working prototype and higher.

What you get

The selected teams get get a chance of $300,000 investment from Polish venture fund

Contact person: Larysa Boitsun

21 May 2018 Today
06 June 2018  

If your team is not registered on Reactor, then you can do it here - when submitting your offer.

To apply, you need to prepare a 3-5 minutes video pitch in English. The video should be placed on YouTube.

If you want to attach files, you can add links to documents that are set up on GoogleDrive.

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