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Startup Bridge

Available till 02 June 2019 3519 views
Organizer Cooperation Fund Foundation
Results announcement deadline 02 June 2019
Event type Regional Meetup
Event date 06 June 2019
Location Odesa

Meetups schedule

  • June 6 – Odesa


We are inviting start-ups and technology teams working in the fields of AI, machine learning, data science, big data, AR/VR, computer vision, bots, virtual assistants, IoT, robotics, which have developments in the pre seed, early seed in the following industries:

  • industrial equipment;
  • clean energy;
  • fuel and energy sector;
  • food and agriculture;
  • construction and real estate;
  • banking;
  • new materials;
  • smart city;
  • retail;
  • health care.

What are you getting

1. Knowledge of Ukrainian and Polish Tech ecosystems, hands-on experience in public speaking and essentials of “building business” skillset.
2. A unique opportunity to meet and present your idea to European venture funds and corporations.
3. Participation in the annual Kyiv Tech Hub conference, where you will sit behind one table with the most active European venture funds.
4. A chance to participate in a Tech Tour in Poland.
5. Chance to get an investment up to $1m.

How to participate

1. Register the team on
2. Submit a pitch presentation of your idea in the PDF format in English. If available submit a product demo or video in English. If you have any questions, Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge Experts will write you directly with some tips.

Please include in your presentation:

1. General overview of the project – desired elements:
    • Project Title. 
    • Investigator(s). The investigators names, including their affiliations.
    • Proposal Summary. A short, up to 300-word summary of the proposed project.
    • Sector – (ie. Agritech, Biotech, MedTech, ChemTech, ICT, Fintech etc.)

2. Research rationale of the project:
    • Have you conducted a risk assessment to determine? 
    • The potential for risks to the organization, the research, or the health, safety and well-being of researchers and research participants; 
    • What legal requirements govern the research?

3. Team
    • What functions team members perform?
    • Who owns the IP?

4. Market 
    • What is the value chain in the market? (Distributors / Suppliers / other key decision makers?)
    • How large is the market? How could it be made larger?
    • Who are the target customers?
    • What are competitive advantages?
    • What are the barriers to stop competitors entering your market?

5. Finances
    • What is the business model?
    • How much money will the team spend in the next 1, 2 and 3 years conservatively?
    • How much money are you looking to raise?

6. Operations
    • How long does it take to create and deliver products or services?
    • How much do they cost to deliver?

7. Company (if applicable)
    • Is there a company?
    • What is the legal structure?
    • How has the company funded its development so far?

Project Information

Startup Bridge is a unique Polish-Ukrainian project to support start-ups and innovative companies in all regions of Ukraine. The task is to identify promising technology teams and teach them to build win-win cooperation with corporations, as well as to attract funding from venture capital funds.

Within 2019 we plan to hold number of sessions for startups and technological teams in the district centers of Ukraine. They will include online & offline training sessions with selected mentors.

The organizers of Startup Bridge are the Ministry of Investments and Economic Development of Poland in cooperation with the Cooperation Fund Foundation. Those are closely supported by Simpact VC and the Open Innovation Platform RE:ACTOR.

More about Startup Bridge:

For any questions, please contact:
Mike Pinkevych at
Mike Khaletskyi at

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