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How It Works

We help to describe the vision of the future of the company and the main points of growth. That gives us the opportunity to publish on the Reactor platform an open request in the format of a call to search for innovations

In the process of searching for solutions to challenges through open innovation, companies often get really non-standard proposals precisely because they publish their challenge in the open access

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Pavel Ryzhiy, Philip Morris Ukraine
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Reactor gathers ideas and delivers them in the form of short video presentations of independent technology teams and employees of the company

Reactor will be able to become a good guide to the corporate world for start-ups who want to provide a product or services to the corporate sector. By recording a video with a describing of the project, you can convey the idea of the project to potential

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Alexander Isachenko, Coreteka

On an innovation committee conducts an open vote, choosing the best solutions. The result of the majority of votes guarantees the author of the idea a contract for prototyping and testing ideas in the company

Voting of the innovation committee is akin to choosing a team in the popular show "The Voice", when you choose not just a talented performer, but choose a partner with whom you are "through the mill" shoulder to shoulder.

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Timur BairovBridge Group
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What is an open innovation? Where should we look for technological teams? What mistakes does corporations make when trying to work with innovations? All this topics are revealed in the interview of Alexander Romanishyn, co-founder of the open innovation platform RE:ACTOR. Aleksandr is an...

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If an ATM offers Alexander Romanishyn, the co-founder of RE:ACTOR, to scan the retina of the eye or read the proverb to recognize his voice, he will not be surprised. Even if at the gas station it will be possible not only to pour gasoline into the car tank, but also coffee in the driver's thermos...

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More and more companies in Ukraine come to the conclusion that innovation is the future. Corporations are experimenting - looking for innovation within the company, incubating startups, building ecosystems and trying to work with external innovations. The most advanced companies put innovations on...