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We have developed a model of interviews with company managers with design thinking elements. Discussing global cases, we find ideas that can improve the customer experience or become a new product for the corporation.

There should be many innovational touchpoints in corporation at every level and in all key departments. Meanwhile, the search of solutions should be done outside corporate structure by using open innovations model.

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Ivan Svitek, CEO of Alfa Bank Ukraine


Joining an innovative global partnership in three weeks. We have gathered a bank of technology teams, startups and open APIs, which are formed by all corporations that are connected to the platform. Launch innovation quickly, profitably and simply.

We should not stop searching, testing and upscaling innovational ideas. The total amount of experiments only increases innovational capacity of a company.

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Alexandr Lyashenko, Vice President of Technologies and Processes of OKKO Filling Station Network


Due to the speed of new technologies emerging, it is becoming increasingly difficult for corporations to develop all the necessary solutions with internal resources. We offer a faster, more efficient and optimal way. This is a model of innovative partnership and technology transfer.

Building an open innovation culture in DTEK is among our key priorities on a way to develop an effective and sustainable innovation approach towards Ukrainian businesses.

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Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer of DTEK
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What is an open innovation? Where should we look for technological teams? What mistakes does corporations make when trying to work with innovations? All this topics are revealed in the interview of Alexander Romanishyn, co-founder of the open innovation platform RE:ACTOR. Aleksandr is an...

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If an ATM offers Alexander Romanishyn, the co-founder of RE:ACTOR, to scan the retina of the eye or read the proverb to recognize his voice, he will not be surprised. Even if at the gas station it will be possible not only to pour gasoline into the car tank, but also coffee in the driver's thermos...

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More and more companies in Ukraine come to the conclusion that innovation is the future. Corporations are experimenting - looking for innovation within the company, incubating startups, building ecosystems and trying to work with external innovations. The most advanced companies put innovations on...